Where to Keep a Child Identification Kit

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Where should I keep my child identification kit?

Where to Keep a Child Identification Kit

Once you have created or obtained a free child identification kit, where should you keep it? Ideally, it makes sense to have a couple of identification kits, in the event that one is misplaced.

You should keep your child's identification kit with you at all times. Keep in mind that the first few hours are crucial in the recovery of your child. You don't want to waste time searching for your kit, so keep it in your car, your purse, etc.

Just because your child isn't with you doesn't mean you shouldn't keep his or her child identification kit with you. If your child were to become missing at school, at a friend's house, on a field trip, or somewhere else, you would immediately have access to that personal identification.

Remember, it is extremely important that law enforcement agencies have immediate access to your child's identification kit!



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