Child Identification Kits

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What is the child identification kit program?

Child Identification Kits

CHIP is acronym for the Child I.D. Program. This program, which is sponsored by the Child I.D. Program of America, is available to any school in the country who wants to create child identification kits for their children. If you are interested in bringing this program to your school and community, keep the following points in mind.

* There is absolutely no cost to you!
* There are no minimum participation requirements.
* A school administrator or PTO member should contact a CHIP executive director to set up a date.
* Contact numbers and e-mail are (888) 9US-CHIP or
* Once you've contacted CHIP, they will handle everything else concerning the child identification kit.
* All participating children will then be fingerprinted, photographed, measured, and weighed to complete their kits.
* The completed kits will be returned to the school in a couple of weeks.



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