Child Safety Resources

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What are some child safety resources?

Child Safety Resources

As parents, we need to continuously look for ways to keep our children safe. There are many child safety resources that are also dedicated to the safety and protection of children. Some child safety resources include the following:
* Safe Kids- This site is dedicated to keeping the Internet a safe and fun place for children of all ages.
* Kid Power- This site is a child safey resource that offers parents and children skills for staying safe and making wise decisions with strangers and familiar people.
* Net Smartz- This interactive Website teaches children and teens how to use the Internet safely and wisely. It also seeks to educate parents, guardians, law enforcement, and educators about how to deal with the potential risks of the Internet.
* Microsoft's Security at Home- This child safety resource offers tips for keeping children safe as they research, browse, and play online.
* FBI- The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers a Website that seeks to educate parents and guardians about keeping their children safe online.



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