What Are Some Internet Dangers?

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What are the dangers of using the Internet?

What Are Some Internet Dangers?

While the Internet is easily accessible to children of all ages, many parents aren't familiar enough with the risks that relate to online Web browsing. We must protect our children from online predators and Internet risks, but what are we protecting them from?

* Pornography- In many instances, children innocently type in a word on a particular search engine only to be taken to an explicit site.
* Web Blogs, Diaries, etc.- Websites such as MySpace and FaceBook are prowling grounds for online predators. They search out unsuspecting and vulnerable children, and they attempt to contact their next victim.
* Chat Rooms- Children have easy access to all types of chat rooms in which they can be contacted by virtually anyone!

Before we can protect our children, we must educate ourselves!



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