Choosing an Internet Service Provider

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What should I look for in an Internet Service Provider?

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

As you begin looking for an ISP (Internet Service Provider), you'll want to check out the child safety resources that they offer. Protecting children is of utmost importance as they use the Internet, and many ISPs offer at least some means of doing this, usually by offering blocking and filtering features.

Before you sign up with an ISP, ask yourself the following questions about this provider. Keep in mind that the answers you get can go a long way towards protecting your child.

* Does the ISP offer instant messaging?
* Can IMs be blocked?
* Can I create a list of approved IMs for my child?
* Does the ISP have chat rooms?
* Can the chat rooms be limited or blocked?
* Are the chat rooms monitored?
* Does the ISP offer buddy lists which list who is online?
* Can this list be blocked?
* Can certain e-mails be blocked if necessary?
* Does the ISP have online profiles?
* Does it offer an address list?
* Can a parent keep a child's screen name from being listed?
* What parental controls are offered?



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