Children's Access to the Internet

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When should I begin letting my child have access to the Internet?

Children's Access to the Internet

When should I begin letting my child have access to the Internet? This is a common question that many parents ask. What is the right answer? Actually, the right answer depends on a lot of factors, and the most important goal is protecting children online.

* Where is your computer located?
* What is the age of your child?
* What will your child be using the computer for?
* How much are you willing to supervise your child?
* How much does your child know about surfing the Web?

If your child is a pre-schooler to early elementary age, probably the only reason for him to use the computer is to take advantage of educational software. This means that Internet access probably isn't necessary. As your child reaches the pre-teen ages of eight to twelve however, the pressure to communicate with friends and the necessity to do certain amounts of research for school will inevitably raise the need for online access.

Recognizing these needs, parents should continue to monitor their children's online activities, whether they are eight or 18 years of age. Parents should also continuously talk with their children about their online activities and Internet hazards.



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