Child Pedophiles- An Epidemic?

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Have child pedophiles become an epidemic?

Child Pedophiles- An Epidemic?

According to Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, a renowned psychiatrist and author, pedophilia appears to run in families. In fact, statistics show that boys who suffered molestation often grow up and commit the same type of crime. The following statistics might surpise some readers:

* Four percent of today's population suffers from a sexual orientation focused on children
* In 1999, there were 93,000 children who were sexually abused.
* Of those 93,000 cases, half of them were committed by the parents of the abused children, and another 18% were relatives.

Unfortuntately there isn't a cure for pedophilia or child pedophiles, but there is treatment.



8/15/2011 4:36:19 AM
Lisa said:

These sick people cant be rehabilitated, so we do we waste our time on trying to help them when they dont see anything wrong with what they have done. Why put other children through what others have endured get rid of them capital punishment sounds great and no more kids can be hurt by that person.

2/6/2012 12:43:32 PM
Alexey said:

Lisa I'm a pedophile, I never abused any child, I was born that way, I feel attraction to children since my 15 years old.
I seek a treatment.
I can control myself, I will never abuse any child.
You said you will be a waste of time trying to treat a person like that?
You said that you should give a death penalty for people like that?
Is it not my fault to be born that way!
I know I will have to serving a sentence if I commit the crime of abuse against a child.
The death penalty is useless, I can die but will be born more like me with this perversion, other people can be born even worse, people who can not control himself.
They should seek treat, if not many will die.
Many are afraid to speak that they born pedophiles, because many in society see them as incurable. That is sad. They should seek treatment for it instead of ignoring and condemning them to death.


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