Child Pedophile Myths & Facts

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What are some child pedophile myths and facts?

Child Pedophile Myths & Facts

The following statements concerning child pedophiles are actually myths.

* Pedophiles only have sex with children, never adults. Not true. Many are in adult relationships.
* Pedophiles randomly pick their victims. Not true. They typically know and have fantasized about their victims.
* Pedophiles are made up only of men. Not true. While men are typically more likely to be child offenders, there are documented cases of women pedophiles.
* Sex offenders are easy to suspect. Not true. Many people are surprised to discover that someone they know is a sex offender.
* Children are afraid of child pedophiles. Not true. Often these people have a close and trusted relationship with the child.
* All pedophiles receive treatment when given prison terms. Not true. Unfortunately, many never receive treatment at all.



8/15/2007 8:09:08 AM
anty said:

the fact is which no onw wants to admit is women commit more sex crimes against childred
they just do not pay for it!!


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