Profiles of Child Pedophiles

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What is the profile of a child pedophile?

Profiles of Child Pedophiles

Child pedophiles and child offenders can sometimes be hard to profile, and they often aren't recognized by others as an offender. Consider the following points:
* Pedophiles can be virtually any age.
* Pedophiles can be non-professional or professional.
* Pedophiles can be non-educated or educated.
Child pedophiles do exhibit many of the same characteristics, however.
* Most pedophiles are over the age of 30.
* Many pedophiles are single.
* Many pedophiles appear much more comfortable around children than around adults their own age.
* Some pedophiles actually have a sketchy work history.
* Pedophiles are typically fascinated with everything surrounding children, including their activities and habits.
* Pedophiles often have expensive child-like hobbies, such as exotic pets, model building, etc.
* Pedophiles often prefer spending time with pre-;ubescent children.
* Pedophiles often try to find work around children.



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