Code Amber Ticker and What You Can Do

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What is the Code Amber Ticker?

Code Amber Ticker and What You Can Do

Sometimes it is easy to feel helpless in a world where bad things continue to happen. You see pictures of missing children on milk cartons, and you hear about Amber Alerts nationwide. You know that there is probably a long sex offenders list for your state, but how does that apply to you? If it isn't in your area, you may feel separated from the issue.

Adding the Code Amber Ticker to your Website can make a difference. When a child disappears, the reasons why aren't always known. It could involve parental abduction, or it could involve a sex offender. Until that child is safely returned home, everyone can help.

The Code Amber Ticker runs across the bottom of Websites and gives information concerning the child that is missing, including the name, state of residence, and time the child disappeared.



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