How to Help Missing and Exploited Children

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How can people help missing and exploited children?

How to Help Missing and Exploited Children

Anyone can check sex offender lists, and everyone should do so periodically to stay abreast of just who is living in your neighborhood and community. What else can you do to help a missing or exploited child?

* If you suspect that a child is being abused, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.
* If you have any doubts about what you are seeing, write everything down so that it is fresh in your memory, and you can easily recall it as you inform your local police.
* If you think you have seen a child that has been listed on an Amber Alert, access the AmberCode Website immediately, as well as your local law enforcement agency.
* You can also use the link at CodeAmber that allows anyone to email the details of an alert to anyone else they know, wherever they live.

The list offenders who have committed sex crimes continues to grow. Let's all do our part to keep children safe!



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