Protecting Children From Sex Offenders

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How can I protect my child from a sex offender?

Protecting Children From Sex Offenders

Children must be taught that there are adults in the world who might appear nice, but are actually dangerous. They need to understand that there are sex offenders who would do them harm. You can continue to check sex offender lists in your area, but you also need to protect your children in other ways.

* Don't leave your children unsupervised, in a store, in your yard, in a park, in your vehicle, etc. It only takes a few seconds for a child to be abducted!
* Don't allow your child to walk home from school alone.
* If your child is at a neighbor's house playing with a friend, ask that neighbor to call you before he or she sends your child home so that you can come and get your child.
* Don't drop children off at parks to play with other children alone.
* Don't let your child play at video arcades without your presence.
* Take the time to keep your child safe and out of the reach of sex offenders.



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