Local Sex Offender Lists

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What are local sex offender lists?

Local Sex Offender Lists

When sex offenders are released from confinement, they are required by law to register their names and addresses with their local law enforcement agencies. This procedure is required for several reasons.

* The local law enforcement agency needs a record of convicted sex offenders.
* The public will have access to the addresses of convicted sex offenders in order to focus on public safety.
* Schools and daycares can also become aware of any convicted sex offenders in the area.

It is easy for the public to access these local sex offender lists. Keep in mind, however, that these lists may not give information on the offender's complete crime record. However, the lists should be continually updated as more sex offenders register and/or they change addresses.

You can check out your local sex offender lists by calling your local law enforcement agency.



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