Local Sex Offender List Information

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What information is required for a local sex offender list?

Local Sex Offender List Information

Since Megan's Law was established, local sex offender lists' information is required to be made public by law in every state. The information that is required may differ slightly from state to state. Not all of the information that is documented is made public, however.
Public information typically includes the following:
* Name
* Date of birth
* General physical description
* Current address
* Date of offense
* Nature of offense
* Compliance with treatment requirements
* Any outstanding warrants.
Those individuals who are classified as "high risk" sexual offenders due to the nature and/or number of occurrences of the crimes committed may be required to give addtional information, such as the following:
* Name and phone number of the Deptment of Correction's Office that has jurisdication
* Reason for the "high risk" label
Other information is required but not generally published, such as Social Security number, driver's license, and home phone number.



10/26/2007 8:38:18 AM
Harold Conrad said:

need to find out if Harold Conrad has molested any one in the1990s

5/17/2009 10:10:07 PM
Tina said:

How do i go online to get information about a sexofender in connecticut?


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