Keep Your Child Safe

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How can I protect my children from child molesters?

Keep Your Child Safe

Can you recognize a child predator or child molester just by how he looks? Probably not. Child predators come from all walks of life. They can be educated or non-educated, rich or poor, old or young. They can be strangers, or they may be a relative. They can be your neighbor, your child's coach, or the local director of a children's day camp.
Because you really can't know if the people your child comes in contact with might just be child predators, you have to educate them about safety.
Child molesters typically target vulnerable children. Keep your child safe.
* Never leave her unsupervised in a public place or even in your front yard.
* Don't allow her to roam the neighborhood by herself or even walk down the street alone.
* Don't leave her at places that are havens for children, such as public parks, video arcades, even the mall.
* Be sure you talk to your child about her body, and her right not to be touched.
* Continue to educate her as she grows, and start early!



9/10/2011 3:59:14 PM
Mother Revolution said:

Dont be afraid to teach your children the facts of the real world, To protect them from the ugly truths is to put them in danger, stand up for what you believe


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