Protect Your Child From Child Predators

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How can I protect my child from a child predator?

Protect Your Child From Child Predators

You may think that your child is perfectly safe from the advances of a child predator simply because you know where he/she is at all times. Your child isn't lonely, and you and he do lots of things together. You may feel that he doesn't fit the profile of a child predator's target. Think again.
With the influx of Internet usage in a vast majority of homes, your child just isn't safe! Child predators prowl the Web looking for their next victims. They may pose as another child or teen on sites such as FaceBook or MySpace. They may tell your child any number of lies and continue to do so until they've established a relationship. By then, your child may have become more secretive and protective of that relationship.
Take steps now to protect your child!

* Keep your computer in a a popular area of your home, such as the kitchen, living room, etc.
* Use the parental controls that your Internet Service Provider offers.
* Talk to your children and tell them never to hand out personal information.
* Warn your child about the dangers of child predators.
* If you are worried that someone who has contacted your child is a child predator, access the child predator Web site.
* Do a child predator search by inputing that person's e-mail address.
* Be proactive to keep your child safe!



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