Child Molesters and

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Could my child be in danger from a child molester?

Child Molesters and

The Internet has opened up a whole world of information for children and adults. It is educational, recreational, and full of information. Sometimes, however, some of the information isn't good. In fact, it can be dangerous! is the newest craze for preteens and teens. In fact, even children as young as eight and nine have discovered MySpace. They create their own Web pages, write their personal thoughts in an online blog, and check out each other's sites, leaving comments and messages whenever they like.

MySpace is free to join and is open to anyone. Anyone meaning child molesters, too. Child molesters and child predators search for children to contact on these sites. They send messages, make comments, and e-mail photos that may be pornographic. For those children who have put personal information on the site, the danger is even more real. Child predators may have access to your home, and you don't even know it! You can be proactive and search child predator lists and visit child predator websites, and that is good. But, you also need to monitor your child's online activity.

* Visit her Web site.

* Use parental controls offered by your ISP

* Continue to talk to her about the hazards of MySpace and other online chatrooms, Web sites, etc.

* Block unknown e-mails.

* Watch for signs that your child is hiding something.

Continue to be vigilent, and protect your child from child predators!



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