State Contacts

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State Contacts

Each state has a number to call specifically to report sex offenders or find out information on sex offenders. For information on your state, here is a list of numbers and emails:

Alabama Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or 1-800-228-7688

Alaska Department of Public Safety, 1-800-658-8892

Arizona Department of Public Safety, (602) 255-0611

Arkansas Crime Information Center or (501) 682-7441

California Department of Justice or (916) 227-4974

Colorado Department of Public Safety or 303-239-5732

Connecticut Department of Public Safety or (860) 685-8441

Delaware State Police State Bureau of Identification or (302) 739-5882

Florida Department of Law Enforcement or 1-888-357-7332

Georgia Bureau of Investigation, (404) 270-8465

Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, (808) 587-3100

Idaho State Police, or (208) 884-7305

Illinois State Department of Police Intelligence Bureau or 1-800-658-8892

Indiana Sheriffs' Association or 1-800-622-4779

Iowa Sex Offender Registry, (515) 281-4976

Kansas Bureau of Investigation, (785)-296-8200

Kentucky State Police, 1-866-564-5652

Louisiana State Police, or 1-800-858-0551

Main State Police, or (207) 624-7270

Maryland Department of Public Safety or (410) 585-3600

Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, (978) 740-6400

Michigan State Police, 517-322-5098

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension or (888)234-1248

Mississippi Sex Offender Registry or (601)-368-1740

Missouri State Highway Patrol or (573) 526-6153

Montana Dept of Justice, or (406) 444-2497

Nebraska State Patrol,

Nevada Department of Public Safety, 775-687-6200

New Hampshire Sate Police, (603) 271-6344

New Jersey State Police, (609) 882-2000

New Mexico Department of Public Safety or (505) 827-9193

New York Division of Criminal Justice or (518) 457-3167

North Carolina Bureau of Investigation, (919) 662-4500

North Dakota Attorney General, or 800 366-6888

Ohio Attorney General, or 1-866-40-OHLEG

Oklahoma Department of Corrections,

Oregon State Police, (503) 378-3725

Pennsylvania State Police, 1-866-771-3170

Rhode Island Sex Offender Community Notification Unit, (401)462-0905

South Carolina Sex Offender Registry, (803) 896-7022

South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, (605) 773-3331

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, 1-888-837-4170

Texas Dept of Public Safety,

Utah Dept of Corrections, - 801-545-5500

Vermont Criminal Information Center, 802-241-5400

Virginia State Police, (804) 674-6750

Washington State Patrol, (360) 705-5100

West Virginia State Police or (304) 746-2133

Wisconsin Dept of Corrections, (608)240-5830

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, (307) 777-7181



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