How to Use Registered Sex Offender Information

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If I am aware of a registered sex offender in my area, what should I do?

How to Use Registered Sex Offender Information

Anyone can check national sex offender registry lists to see if there are any registered sex offenders in his or her area. In some communities, residents are notified when a sex offender has moved into the area. Take the following steps upon notification of a sex offender in your area:
* Talk to your children about the definition of a sex offender.

* Instruct your children about staying away from strangers.

* Inform your children about where the sex offender lives.

* Be sure your child sees a photo of the sex offender.

* Role play with your children so they understand what to do if they are approached by someone they don't know.

* Contact your local police department if you feel that a crime has been committed, or if you suspect inappropriate activity.

* Check with your school to find out what precautions they take to protect your child and other children, and inquire about any programs dealing with strangers.



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