What Constitutes Child Molestation?

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What exactly constitutes child molestation?

What Constitutes Child Molestation?

Child sexual molestation and sexual abuse consists of inappropriate and illegal touching of a child in a sexual manner, or the sexual exploitation of children by taking pictures and videos of children posed or acting in a sexual manner. Child molestation ranges from having the child undress, to touching the child's genitals in a sexual manner, to forcing the child to perform oral sex, to actual sexual intercourse with the child. Chronic child molesters prefer either their own gender or the opposite gender as sexual partners. Many times, they understand that their behavior is both unlawful and morally wrong in our society, but they are unable to control their sexual impulses. Other child molesters, called pedophiles, don't believe their their behavior is wrong and that the child actually enjoys having sex with adults. In summary, child molestation is unlawful sexual contact of any type with a child under the age of consent for sexual acts.



1/21/2008 9:13:14 PM
charles rogers said:

what I would like to know is if the department of justice has done a survey on how many victims were enticed with drugs by adolecents and adults.

1/10/2009 12:08:05 AM
Susan Lute said:

There are no laws protecting a young child from the creep that molested my 3 year old grandchild. He was 16 when he molested Brayden and just because he is now 18 he is free and clear to do as he pleases. He has been to my job sitting in the waitng room and then had the nerve to show up at Braydens school just feet away from my babys class. He was there to pick up his 5 year old nephew. The cops say there is nothing we can do. So we just let the perpetrator live his happy little life now and we are scared of him possibly doing something to Brayden or some other poor little unsuspecting child. This really stinks...just reward the pedophile!!!!

9/25/2011 9:55:46 PM
mzimm said:

What tripe! Not much to go on here if all you can find to say about chronic child molesters is that they "prefer either their own gender or the opposite gender as sexual partners." What an earth shattering revelation! Guess we would never have figured that one out on our own!

3/27/2015 8:35:13 PM
American said:

Being that the majority of pedophiles are white male and female. Should I have a natural fear of white male aND female around children ?


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