How can I protect my teen online?

How Can I Protect My Teen Online?

Exerting a level of independence is a right of passage for most teenagers.
This issue of privacy will become very important as it centers around the use of the Internet. It is imperative that you continue to caution your child about the risks of Internet usage and monitor her computer activities.
Continue to check the history on your computer and stress the following points to your teen. In doing so you are protecting your child!

* Never give out personal information online!
* Remind her that people may not be who they say they are!
* Report inappropriate behavior to your Internet Service Provider.
* If you suspect any type of pornographic behavior, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.

Remember these tips:

* Don't let your child have her own computer in her room.
* Keep the computer in an area that is used often, such as the den, dining room, kitchen, or study.
* Consider installing monitoring software that tracks Internet activity.
* Periodically check to make sure that the parental controls you have set haven't been changed.
* Talk with your teen about what she is doing online.

Protecting kids from online predators is a daily job for parents, guardians, and educators!

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i am doing my senior project at school on child and i need info on pedophiles that were abused as children and why they find children appealing. i would greatly appreciate any info on that if you can. thank you!

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