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How are single parents at risk for exposing their children to sex offenders?

Single Parenting and Registered Sex Offenders

Single parents are often attractive to sex offenders and pedophiles, not for themselves but because of their children. Child pedophiles have an obsession, a recurrent need, to be around children. The more vulnerable children are, the more easily manipulated they become. While each state has a registered sex offender list, many people never actually access that registry. Do you know who has access to your children?

* Are you a single parent?
* Do you know your new neighbor very well?
* What do you know about your child's baseball coach, dance teacher, and Boy Club leader?
* Do you know someone who has taken an extreme interest in your child?
* What about the new guy you are dating? How well do you really know him?

In just a few minutes you can find out who is on your state's registered child offender list by accessing one of many Websites dedicated to this information.

What is the Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm Syndrome and Pedophiles

What is the Stockholm Syndrome, and how does it affect the victims of child pedophiles and child offenders? The Stockholm Syndrome is actually the emotional bonding of the victim with the child offender. While this surprises many people, it really isn't hard to understand, especially in children. In many cases the pedophile has taken a role of leadership in the victim's life. He might be a teacher, coach, Boy Scout leader, pastor, or even the boyfriend of the child's mom.
These pedophiles work at building a relationship with a child. They figure out their vulnerabilities and prey on those. They use each one to their advantage, ingratiating themselves even further into the child's life. Once they have established a relationship, it is much easier for them to abuse the child, and it is much harder for the child to turn against his or her abuser. This is considered the Stockholm Syndrome.

What Is pedophilia?

What Is Pedophilia?

There is a difference between child pedophiles and child molesters. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, pedophilia is a psychological disorder. It surrounds recurrent, intense sexual urges and fantasies which last for at least six months and focus on pre-pubescent children.
This typically refers to children who are under the age of 12 years old. Pedophilia doesn't always mean that the person commits a sex act upon a child. In fact, a child pedophile usually keeps his fantasies a secret. A pedophile will, however, attempt to remain close to a child or children to feed his fantasies. Those who do act upon their fantasies typically do so with two or more children. Pedophilia typically involves males and is considered rare in females.

What are some treatments for child pedophiles?

Treatment for Child Pedophiles

According to the National Alert Registry, most child pedophiles are multiple child offenders. Even more alarming is the fact that many of these pedophiles are involved with a number of children on a weekly and even daily basis! A major problem among incarcerated child pedophiles is that they often aren't treated in prison, and thus, become repeat child offenders.
Some of the treatments available include the following:
* Castration- Drastic, yes, but it is also considered very effective. However, it isn't used very often.
* Depo-Provera- This drug blocks the hormone progesterone.

* Celexa, Luvox, Lexapro, Luvox, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft- These drugs have met with moderate success in some cases.

* Therapy- Therapy combined with some type of drug treatment has met with some success, also.

Sadly, the successful treatment of pedophilia is very difficult.

Have child pedophiles become an epidemic?

Child Pedophiles- An Epidemic?

According to Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, a renowned psychiatrist and author, pedophilia appears to run in families. In fact, statistics show that boys who suffered molestation often grow up and commit the same type of crime. The following statistics might surpise some readers:

* Four percent of today's population suffers from a sexual orientation focused on children
* In 1999, there were 93,000 children who were sexually abused.
* Of those 93,000 cases, half of them were committed by the parents of the abused children, and another 18% were relatives.

Unfortuntately there isn't a cure for pedophilia or child pedophiles, but there is treatment.

What are some child pedophile myths and facts?

Child Pedophile Myths & Facts

The following statements concerning child pedophiles are actually myths.

* Pedophiles only have sex with children, never adults. Not true. Many are in adult relationships.
* Pedophiles randomly pick their victims. Not true. They typically know and have fantasized about their victims.
* Pedophiles are made up only of men. Not true. While men are typically more likely to be child offenders, there are documented cases of women pedophiles.
* Sex offenders are easy to suspect. Not true. Many people are surprised to discover that someone they know is a sex offender.
* Children are afraid of child pedophiles. Not true. Often these people have a close and trusted relationship with the child.
* All pedophiles receive treatment when given prison terms. Not true. Unfortunately, many never receive treatment at all.

Who is considered a child support offender?

Child Support Offenders

A monthly child support is established by the court of jurisdiction that governs the divorce and/or child support state. In most instances, the child support is figured strictly by using a set formula that takes into account the parents' salaries, etc. Child support offenders are those parents who fail to pay their established child support.

There are several ways to get child support offenders to pay, however, including the following:

* Removing money from their bank accounts.
* Taking their property and/or vehicles.
* Withholding income from their payroll check.
* Withholding unemployment benefits.
* Withholding disability benefits.

Local child support offices can help custodial parents deal with non-paying parents. They will work with you in finding a missing parent and/or collecting child support from the offender.

i am doing my senior project at school on child and i need info on pedophiles that were abused as children and why they find children appealing. i would greatly appreciate any info on that if you can. thank you!

What is a Pedophile?

A pedophile is a person whose sexual partner of choice is a child under the legal age of consent for sexual contact. Pedophiles are usually men, but there are documented cases of female pedophiles. Some pedophiles prefer same-sex child sexual partners, while others prefer opposite sex partners. Pedophiles tend to be very particular about the age of the children they prefer as sexual partners; they may prefer very young children (ages 5-10) and some prefer young adolescents. The exact cause of pedophilia is largely unknown; one theory is that they are genetically pre-disposed towards desiring sex with children. This, of course, usually rules out any type of mental health treatment to help them alter their illegal and cruel behavior; these pedophiles don't believe they are harming their victims. Another theory on the origins of pedophilia is that they themselves were sexually abused as children, either by a stranger or a trusted adult, and these experiences caused them to assume the role of "predator" rather than "victim" as they become adults. Pedophiles are extremely dangerous criminals who have no remorse for their actions; they truly believe that children want to have sexual contact with adults and that they are actually "helping" their victims by teaching them about sex. Pedophiles have very poor social skills with adults; they can relate to the emotional immaturity of children. Children as sex partners are appealing to them because with children, they don't have to interact on an adult levels with mature sex partners. Pedophiles pose serious problems in the criminal justice system. When sentenced to prison, they are not responsive to rehabilitation and they are always "targets" for other inmates. If paroled, pedophiles must register with local law enforcement as sex offenders.

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