Child Identification Kit and Nine Point Plan

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What is the nine point plan of the child identification kit?

Child Identification Kit and Nine Point Plan

One of the most important aspects of preparing a child identification kit is knowing what should be done with the kit in case your child goes missing. The key to recovering missing and abducted children is to get quickly involved and become extremely educated. The Nine Point Plan, developed by the Klaas Kids Foundation, can help parents become very involved in their child's safety.

The Nine Point Plan includes the following:

* Introduction- How to use the child identification kit, and what to do if your child disappears.
* Law Enforcement Relations- Information on how to contact and stay in touch with law enforcement agencies.
* Media Relations- Information on how to best use the media to get your child back safely.
* Volunteer Resources- Information on how to create a station for volunteers who can help in the search of your child.
* Searching- Information on what should be done in the search for your child.
* Hazards- Information on what to avoid, including possible scam artists and other forms of exploitation.
* Hints and Strategies- Information on items such as rewards, press releases, etc.
* Missing Children Services- Information on private investigators, public records, etc.
* Conclusion- Information on how to maintain the focus on your child.



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