Keeping Kids Safe Online

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What are some tips for parents to help keep kids safe online?

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Before parents and educators can do a good job of protecting kids online, they need to educate themselves as to the risks and hazards that surround the Internet. Keep these points in mind as you attempt to protect your child or children.
* Place your computer in a well-used area of the house, such as the kitchen, den, or living room.
* Periodically check what your child is doing as she works on the computer.
* Become familiar with checking the history of your computer to check your child's activities.
* Make use of the parental controls and filters that are offered by your Internet service provider.
* Caution your children about handing personal information over the Internet.
* If you do allow your child to use chat rooms, make sure that they appear appropriate for his or her age and recognize that online predators can enter these rooms posing as children.
* Block instant messaging from people whom your child doesn't know.
* Set time limits and/or monitor the amount of time your child uses the computer.
* Question your child's online activities frequently.



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