Safety Tools for Protecting Kids Online

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What are some ways that I can keep my child safe online?

Safety Tools for Protecting Kids Online

While many parents are concerned about their children's online activities, most of them don't know all of the safety tools that are available for use with the computer. Check out the following safety tools, and become familiar with them in order to protect your kids from online predators!

* You can take advantage of any filters your ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers. AOL and others offer parental controls that can limit or restrict children's access to chat rooms, e-mails, etc. Keep in mind, however, that kids are pretty computer savvy. Your child may be able to disable or change the controls you have set!
* You can also purchase software which not only blocks access to certain sites, but also alerts you to inappropriate content and language.
* You can use a closed secure system. What this means is that your child will only be able to access predetermined Websites. It is very limiting, but it is also the safest option.
* You can purchase software which not only filters or blocks inappropriate content but also gives you access to the content that has been accessed so that you can see what your child has been doing on the computer.



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