Misconceptions About Megan's Law Victims

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What are some misconceptions concerning Megan's Law victims?

Misconceptions About Megan's Law Victims

There are several misconceptions which surround the victims of Megan's Law offenders. These include the following:

* Victims of sexual assault are only harmed when offenders use force. This isn't true! Even if there isn't physical harm, there will be emotional and psychological scars.
* If a child doesn't tell about the offense, then it can be assumed that he or she consented. This isn't true! The child may be afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed.
* Some people perceive that the victims should share in the blame in certain circumstances. This isn't ever true! Victims are never to blame, whether they are adults or children!
* If a victim doesn't say the word "no" or try to resist the assault, then this isn't a crime that falls under Megan's Law. This is absolutely not true! The victim may be too afraid!



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