Treatment for Child Pedophiles

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What are some treatments for child pedophiles?

Treatment for Child Pedophiles

According to the National Alert Registry, most child pedophiles are multiple child offenders. Even more alarming is the fact that many of these pedophiles are involved with a number of children on a weekly and even daily basis! A major problem among incarcerated child pedophiles is that they often aren't treated in prison, and thus, become repeat child offenders.
Some of the treatments available include the following:
* Castration- Drastic, yes, but it is also considered very effective. However, it isn't used very often.
* Depo-Provera- This drug blocks the hormone progesterone.

* Celexa, Luvox, Lexapro, Luvox, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft- These drugs have met with moderate success in some cases.

* Therapy- Therapy combined with some type of drug treatment has met with some success, also.

Sadly, the successful treatment of pedophilia is very difficult.



11/26/2006 1:33:29 PM
T. Smith said:

Why not take away all computer privelages along with having them register.

5/31/2012 8:00:11 PM
BJ Hughes said:

There is no medical evidence that castration or counseling treatment works on pedophiles or other sexually violent predators. See 8 year study from the California prison systems.


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