Child Support Offenders

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Who is considered a child support offender?

Child Support Offenders

A monthly child support is established by the court of jurisdiction that governs the divorce and/or child support state. In most instances, the child support is figured strictly by using a set formula that takes into account the parents' salaries, etc. Child support offenders are those parents who fail to pay their established child support.

There are several ways to get child support offenders to pay, however, including the following:

* Removing money from their bank accounts.
* Taking their property and/or vehicles.
* Withholding income from their payroll check.
* Withholding unemployment benefits.
* Withholding disability benefits.

Local child support offices can help custodial parents deal with non-paying parents. They will work with you in finding a missing parent and/or collecting child support from the offender.



7/3/2009 9:56:14 AM
Angie said:

And yet another way the courts deal with people who fail or are unable to pay child support is to put them in jail for up to six months. (The crime? Failure to pay a ridiculously high child rental premium as set by a bias judge in a twisted and failed court system.) This of course makes what they owe keep going up making it even harder to catch up when they do get back on their feet. When they do get released they have no license to get to work, no money for a bus, cab or car pool so they end up back in the system again and so it goes. Keep the cycle spinning.....don't fix it (And YES it can be fixed) It is a method of job security I guess for this area of the just ice system. (By the way...I was the one collecting support until I woke up to the lack of ability in the system. This is definately an area that needs to be closely looked at.)


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