Stockholm Syndrome and Pedophiles

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What is the Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm Syndrome and Pedophiles

What is the Stockholm Syndrome, and how does it affect the victims of child pedophiles and child offenders? The Stockholm Syndrome is actually the emotional bonding of the victim with the child offender. While this surprises many people, it really isn't hard to understand, especially in children. In many cases the pedophile has taken a role of leadership in the victim's life. He might be a teacher, coach, Boy Scout leader, pastor, or even the boyfriend of the child's mom.
These pedophiles work at building a relationship with a child. They figure out their vulnerabilities and prey on those. They use each one to their advantage, ingratiating themselves even further into the child's life. Once they have established a relationship, it is much easier for them to abuse the child, and it is much harder for the child to turn against his or her abuser. This is considered the Stockholm Syndrome.



7/20/2011 4:32:06 AM
Ricky said:

I can understand the bonding with a perpetrater who displays gentle caring treatments. How do you label the disconnection from the mother who traded the child for favors from the pedophile

11/23/2011 3:09:36 PM
Charlie said:

What percentage of pediphiles were abused themselves as kids?


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