What Can You Do If Your Child Is Targeted By A Sexual Offender?

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What can you do if your child is targeted by a sexual offender?

What Can You Do If Your Child Is Targeted By A Sexual Offender?

What can you do if you suspect your child might be the victim of a sex offender? First, you can check your state's list of sexual offenders. However, keep in mind that the sexual offender who has contacted your child might be an online predator. In this case, it will be hard for you to check sex offenders lists unless you learn the suspect's name. There are some other steps you can take, though, if you believe your child has been targeted.

* If you find evidence that your child has been contacted by a sex offender either through instant messaging, e-mail, phone calls, etc., you should contact your local law enforcement agency.
* Save any type of evidence you have found, such as copies of e-mails, chats online, instant messages, Web addresses, etc. to give to the police.
* Monitor your child's computer access, as well as her phone usage. Be sure and check her cell phone number records if she has her own cell phone or has access to yours.
* Check your computer for pornographic files, and check your computer's history to see what your teen as been looking at.



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