Child Molester Statistics

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What are the national statistics for child molesters?

Child Molester Statistics

According to the U. S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were 9,700 convicted sex offenders who were released in one year alone.

* Nearly 4,300 of the 9,700 were labeled child molesters.
* Of the 4,300 child molesters that were released in that one year, 3.3% were rearrested for another sex crime against a child within three years of their release.
* A Bureau of Justice Statistics survey shows that the victims of approximately 70% of the convicted sex offenders were children.
* In almost half of the the child molestation cases, the child was the convicted sex offender's son, daughter, or relative.
* The average sentence given to the 4,300 child molesters was approximately seven years, with three of seven years typically being served.



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