Children's Relationships with Child Molestors

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How is a child draw into a child molester's world?

Children's Relationships with Child Molestors

Some people don't understand how a child can be drawn into a child molestor's world. How do so many child molestors get away with assaulting children?
We need to keep in mind that these children don't think like adults do. Child molestors typically target lonely children who are vulnerable in some way. Maybe they are just naturally shy. Maybe they come from a single parent home. Maybe they are approaching puberty and feel awkward and unsure of themselves. Whatever the reason, a child molestor will pick up on the weaknesses and doubts of a child and weasel his way into that child's psyche.
The targeted child may only see that someone is totally interested in him or her. He or she may bask in the extra attention that the child molestor gives. As the bond between the child and the molestor strengthens, the physical abuse begins. By then, it may be very difficult for a child to turn on his new friend.



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